Caligula and Trump a Epilogue on a republic.

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The day after the Supreme Court rejected an attempt to have the votes of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia removed from the 2020 Presidential election, there was a violent confrontation in Washington, D.C.

Hundreds of supporters of President Donald Trump clashed with “Black lives Matter supporters. There were four stabbings and thirty-three arrests in Washington, D.C. In Olympia, Washington one man was shot. On the same day, the U.S. experienced more deaths than any other country since the Covid virus Pandemic began. In U.S. cites lines were waiting for food as Congress fought over a relief package to prevent hundreds of thousands from becoming homeless.

President Trump was defeated in the 2020 election, but he refused to be seen as a loser. No matter what needed to be done to show to his followers he had won the election. Trump claimed that President elect Joe Biden was a fraudulent elected President.

President Trump has never conceded the election.

Only eight members of the U.S. Congress were willing to admit that Biden had won the election. But 126 members of Congress signed a lawsuit to remove the election results of Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.


Caligula was assassinated by a conspiracy by officers of the Praetorian Guard, Senators, and Courtiers.

Before his assassination, Caligula believed he was a “god,” he dressed like one. He demanded that all Romans address him as a god. The Roman Senate’s reason for killing him was to disprove he was invincible. In the beginning, the Roman People refused to believe he was dead.The Roman people accepted his cruelty against the members of the Senate; he made them feel powerful. They loved that he humiliated anyone who defied him and his followers in public.

Donald Trump’s supporters and Republicans feel the same. He has made them feel good with his Fascism as the “real Americans”; they want to keep America white and all others out. His followers chanted to lock him up for Dr. Anthony Fauci a holder of The Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Dr. Fauci, is a legion in the Science and Medical community. Fauci was a leader of Trump’s Covid Taskforce .

Steve Bannon a former White House aid called for Fauci and the Director of the FBI to be “beheaded”. President Trump claimed Dr.Fauci made too many mistakes and that Doctors claimed the number of deaths to increase hospital profits.

After the election, President Trump did not discuss the rising deaths and those hospitalized by the Covid virus.
President Trump just continued to lash out at Vice President Biden and the rigged election results.

Even before Caligula took control of Rome, he was filled with revenge and hate for his family’s death caused by Emperor Tiberius and the Roman Senate.
Caligula was seeking revenge, and he assisted in the death of his Uncle Tiberius, which made him Emperor of Rome. But Caligula, like Donald Trump, never cared about the Republic’s sovereignty. He simply took over the party and filled it with his angry and disgruntled followers — conspiracy believers, Racists, and fascists.

Trump attacks the election with a Coup.

President Trump told the American people that the only way he could lose the election was by corruption and fraud. The Trump campaign claimed that mail-in ballots would all be frauds.

In the 2018 midterm election, 25.9% of all votes were cast by mail.Republican election officials in Georgia were threatened by his followers for not rejecting the results. Jocelyn Benson, Michigan’s top election official, was called a “traitor” and had armed protesters at her home.

Vermont Secretary of State received a message that he would be executed even though the state voted Democratic. President Trump called the Georgia Republican secretary of state an “enemy of the people,” but Trump’s followers see him as a Christian and those who oppose him as Traitors and anti-Christians.

On November 7,2020 the media declared Biden as President he had received more than 81 Million votes. When the election ended, President Donald Trump was beaten by the largest margin in American history. The President’s Republican supporters and Congress members refused to accept his defeat. More than a hundred of them signed on a lawsuit by the Attorney General of Texas to overthrow Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia’s votes.
When the Supreme court on December 11,2020 rejected the case, many Republicans promoted sedition. Trump’s followers and 128 Republicans formed a “coup” requesting the elected officials in the swing states to reject the votes before the Electoral College vote to certify the election.

Mr. Biden won states with 306 electoral votes, officially marking the end of the Trump Presidency.President Trump denounced the Governors of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia. He claimed the members of the Supreme Court failed the American people by following the Constitution.

When the head of the CISA, Kris Krebs, reported no signs of voter fraud and the election software was never corrupted. The President fired him the Attorney General William Barr supported Krebs and was forced to resign. Barr was a Trump loyalist throughout the Meuller investigation and the Impeachment but found no fraud in the 2020 election.

While Trump sulked and tweeted and berated Republicans that did not support him, The Covid virus continued to kill and infect Americans. 300,000 had died, and 190,000 new cases existed. The President gave no direction to the country’s people while attending parties for Christmas without a mask and attending a rally in Georgia.

Caligula believed he had the powers of a god, and he could hear the thoughts of an enemy. He had Senators executed who he claimed were conspiring against him. After the election, President Trump purged people he saw as disloyal in the intelligence and defense department.
In December, when the first vaccine for the Covid virus was ready, Trump demanded the FDA speed up delivery. Ironically he played down the effect the Covid virus was having as it spread throughout the Midwest.

Trump’s conspiracy followers like Q Anon attacked state Health care Directors, Mayor’s and Doctors for mandating masks, enforcing Covid safety measures. Their homes were surrounded by armed Militias, and their lives were threatened.

On December 8, 2020, the Idaho health board members had to end a Covid meeting due to protests outside their homes.

The group known as Health Freedom Idaho was a leader in the protest.

Threats like this appeared all over America without any protests by the White House even though Republican State officials requested help.

January 6, 2021: The House and Senate hold a joint session to count the electoral votes.It is expected that Republicans in the Congress will have a last ditch effort to challenge the Biden election and commit a act that has never happened in Congress.

On January 20 2021, Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th U.S.President. He will face a nation with multiple fractures politically and a Covid virus that may have killed 400,000 people.

There will be 200,000 Americans in hospitals, an economy with thousands facing eviction, homeliness, hunger, and a gridlocked Congress.He will have a Republican party unlike any he knew in the Senate and as Vice-President.

The post-Trump Republicans will be those who voted against him in the election, but supported the down ballot Republicans.But they have few in the Congress or Senate that will defy Trump. These Republicans find it increasingly difficult supporting a Congressional or Senator member who is not excepting of the far-right to survive.

The hardcore Trump followers are not Republicans but only loyal to Trump and believe in all of his conspiracies. Q anon, Proud boys, Neo Nazi’s, and even the Christian right has tied its loyalty to Trump .

Biden’s election will also face an equal challenge from those Democrats seeking to punish those loyal to Trump for the child separation at the border , climate denial, mishandling and fires in the Western states, and Hurricane Maria’s 2,975 deaths in Puerto Rico in 2017. The ramifications of the deaths, economic loss, and damage to lives caused by the Covid virus are still yet to fully surface against the Trump administration.
Biden has loaded his cabinet with career professionals, mostly from the center. But the progressive left that Republicans and Trump followers fear is demanding change with health care, systemic racism, and economic disparity that Covid revealed.

President Trump’s Impeachment was a direct result of his corrupt efforts to damage the credibility of Vice President Joe Biden; he failed. Trump saw him as his most significant threat to reelection in 2020, and he was right. The Ukraine was the nation that Trump attempted to extort lies from about the 2016 election to remove his connection to Russia and its attack on the election. Ironically Ukraine is a nation that had the orange revolution,” a series of protests and political events that took place in Ukraine from late November 2004 to January 2005, in the immediate aftermath of the run-off vote of the 2004 Ukrainian presidential election. The election was marred by massive corruption, voter intimidation, and electoral fraud.

The nation’s leader asked the U.S. the greatest Democracy in the world for support and help to survive a Fascist and Russia.

America gave Ukraine the support it needed to revolt and drive the Fascists into exile and defended it against Russia.

In the 2020 election, America is now that nation in need of help to remove a Fascist and restore voter confidence .

The American Democracy was designed by Madison and Hamilton based on the Roman Republic . The same Republic that Caligula was determined to destroy by moving it from Rome to Alexandria Egypt where he would be worshiped as a god.The Roman Senate would have become powerless but the Romans assassinated him. Caligula was the first Fascist, and the Romans killed him to stop him, but Roman still fell.

In 2020 seventy percent of Republican voter believe that Trump was beaten by fraud but cannot prove it. America is a divided nation and the Biden administration was elected believing he can Politically join the nation again. He believes that he just has to listen to heal the wounds that Trump supporter have . He thinks with Trump out of office the conspiracies will begin to fade away. But Biden has no answer for the power his supporter gave Republicans and the media support his followers provided him . Donald Trump was defeated but is still in control of the Republican party; he has destroyed it, so does that mean the Republic is next?

This is from the original story :Donald Trump a 21st Century Caligula in America and how a Fascist rules a Republic .Published on November 30 2020.

This is from the original story :Donald Trump a 21st Century Caligula in America and how a Fascist rules a Republic .Published on November 30 2020.



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